The introduction of the iPhone

follow World giant Apple, September 10 with a new launch coming to history. The event, organized regularly every year, will be a bit more exciting this year. The introduction of the iPhone 5 S model is expected to introduce only the iPhone. iOS 7 and a news leaked on the internet in the past hours will mark the launch.Apple, one of the key companies in Silicon Valley, is starting the era of swap iPhone. Old iPhone owners will be able to take their phones to Apple and join the new iPhone world. According to news from Techcrunch recently, the old iPhones taken to the Apple Store will be replaced with the new iPhone within Apple’s swap campaign.How much does my iPhone cost?We can already see the question marks burning in the heads. Apple’s practical solutions to every problem can be seen here. The average prices of the phones that Apple Store employees will evaluate will be as follows. For 16 GB iPhone 4 and 4S models, you can get a gift voucher between 120-200 dollars and for 250 GB iPhone 5 for 250 dollars.